Are you in need of access to an ever growing arsenal of analog, vintage, and discontinued synthesizers, effects pedals, and rackmount signal processors for your next record? Are you seeking to learn about synthesis and signal flow in a community space of like minded individuals? We might have you covered.

The Circular Ruin team is thrilled to announce a new and unique resource meant to serve the electronic and experimental music community of New York City and beyond. Introducing the Circular Ruin Synthesizer Lab. We are opening our doors for any musicians and producers seeking access to recording our collection of unique and bespoke electronic instruments as individual stems for their recording projects. Simply bring your laptop and/or recording device, plug in to the instrument(s) of your choice, and start tracking! No recording device? No problem, we are happy to provide you with both hardware and software to lay down tracks. Each session also provides you with an in-house engineer/synthesist to guide you through the best recording practices to maximize your time and your takes.

The Synth Lab will be available for reservations in two hour increments and can be reserved by both individuals and larger groups or ensembles at a discounted rate. The Synth Lab will be open by appointment only for the Spring of 2024, with plans to expand the service to regular part-time hours during the Summer. For information on rates and discount packages, please contact

Our collection of instruments and equipment continues to grow to this day, a partial list of gear is listed below. If there is a specific piece of equipment you seek to use that is not listed, please let us know and we will find a way for you to access it.

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